About Us

The Bulldog Club of Utah is committed to the preservation of our breed by
maintaining the standard of excellence as approved by the American Kennel
Club and the Bulldog Club of America for the guidance of breeders, owners and

We seek to improve the breed by encouraging efforts aimed at producing sound,
healthy dogs with the degree of excellence established in the Breed Standard.
We encourage responsible ownership and breeding through adherence to the Bulldog Club of America Code of Ethics. We are committed to educating our members, owners and the general public about the wonderful Bulldog breed.

We encourage interest in competitive public showing of Bulldogs in conformation,
obedience and performance events under the auspices of the American Kennel
Club.The Bulldog Club of Utah works, first and foremost, for the good of the Bulldogs,
as well as for the general good of breeders, owners and exhibitors of Bulldogs.


The Bulldog Club of Utah was established in 2002. However, the work had begun several years earlier when a number of like minded individuals first got together in 1998 and began to discuss the idea of a Bulldog club in Utah.

In September of 2001, at the Beehive Cluster, the group held a luncheon and raffle to benefit Bulldog Rescue throughout the state of Utah. They had a weekend retreat in the mountains for the dogs and their owners. By December 2001, there was enough interest for the founders to contact the American Kennel Club and see what needed to be done to become a licensed Specialty Club. Officers were selected and the long list of requirements was finally met in December 2005 when the AKC granted the Bulldog Club of Utah license status.

Since its inception, the Bulldog Club of Utah has held Specialty Shows since 2006, some public education programs, picnics, parties, and costume parades. We hosted a Canine Good Citizen Test, took our dogs to long term care facilities and participated in the first ever "Pet Expo" and showed the crowds what it's like to kiss a Bully. We have also created the Bulldog Club of Utah Rescue, more commonly known as the
English Bulldog Rescue of Utah (EBRU.) We have a wealth of information about Bulldogs to share: health concerns, training (or lack of it), support for both old and new owners.

What started out as a wish has become reality. We are the Bulldog Club
of Utah.