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On behalf of the Bulldog Club of Utah we would like to say     thank you to everyone that participated or assisted with our SPecialty SHows hosted by The Bulldog Club of America Division V & Bulldog Club of Utah.

The show was a huge success because of you and we look forward to hosting you next year! If thinking about a show in the spring of 2019 please keep us in mind as we would love to host you again next year!

For photos from this year's show as well as the all breed shows please click here.


Your Show Committee


The Bulldog Club of Utah is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and protection of the breed in Utah by educating owners and the public about our dogs. The club urges members and breeders to accept the standard of the Bulldog as approved by the  American Kennel Club   and the  Bulldog Club of America , to practice responsible dog ownership, and to recognize they are the stewards of our breed.


The Bulldog Club of Utah is committed to the preservation of our breed by
maintaining the standard of excellence as approved by the American Kennel
Club and the Bulldog Club of America for the guidance of breeders, owners and

We seek to improve the breed by encouraging efforts aimed at producing sound,
healthy dogs with the degree of excellence established in the Breed Standard.
We encourage responsible ownership and breeding through adherence to the Bulldog Club of America Code of Ethics. We are committed to educating our members, owners and the general public about the wonderful Bulldog breed.

We encourage interest in competitive public showing of Bulldogs in conformation,
obedience and performance events under the auspices of the American Kennel
Club.The Bulldog Club of Utah works, first and foremost, for the good of the Bulldogs,
as well as for the general good of breeders, owners and exhibitors of Bulldogs.

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